Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clay's Arival, Part 1

For awhile now, I have been wanting to write down, look back on, and reflect on my whole experience with Clay. For one, I'll eventually forget most of the "little things" and for two I want a written (typed i guess :)) record of it. i'm going to break it up into parts because I can already tell that this story is gonna be a long one....so here goes.....

Finding Out

(Picture this)

There I was, sitting in my car, just staring at the Dollar General sign. I was in Warrensburg, the college town I had moved to in August of 2007. I was a senior in my last semester of my under-grad, and I had been too busy with life to notice that "aunt flow" had missed the bus. I was too busy with classes, papers, work, parties, downtown. Until, on February 26th, it hit me. It was going to be a weekend of just work. Dennis was away at his conference track meet in Joplin and my roommates had went home for the weekend. I worked the morning shift and that afternoon something in my head reminded me of what hadn't came. I got off work, tanned, and then drove across the parking lot and parked and that's all i did, park and turned the car off. I called my mom, we had a short discussion about the situation and she said yes, to go ahead and go buy a test and take it. So that's just what I did, I bought a test and walked out. Then, I drove to Wal-Mart, clear across town and parked again. I called my mom again, and she of course answered on the first ring because she had thought I had already taken a test. I told her I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot, she asked why in the heck was I there. And to be honest, I wasn't too sure. So, again I walked into the store and bought another test. I guess I was thinking that Wal-Mart pregnancy tests have to be more accurate than DG's. lol. I checked out, and there was the bathroom straight in front of me. I was scared to take the tests, but made myself go in. I took the handi-cap stall, I guess thinking I needed some major room to take the tests. So I took the first one, and while it was "processing" I took the other one. and then I just sat there, under 4 of those paper cut outs you put on the seat before you sit down, the DG test was done first..... it was positive. I just sat there and stared at the other one. It was positive. I remember thinking, I am never going to forget this. I walked out of Wal-Mart and sat in my car somemore. I called my Mom and told her. First thing she said was she was marking it on her calendar and that she knew I always wanted a baby, someone who loved me and depended on me. I drove to my apartment and sat in the silence. I plugged in my ipod, like i normally did when the roomies were away, and jammed out.... and I sat there and just thought and cried. It was a happy cry.... with a little of worry in there. The only thing I was worried about was the baby and telling the news. Because I didn't want to tell Dennis over the phone ( he was in Joplin, remember) I didn't talk to him the whole rest of the day. He had texted the normal things like they had made it, they were on the track, but I couldn't bring myself to respond because I didn't want to slip and tell him or have him worried about me when I sounded different on the phone. So I packed my bags and went to my moms and made plans to go to his track meet the next day. I brought her for support for sure! She calmed my nerves on the way down there. Inside I was screaming with excitement, but scared. Dennis and I had only been dating less than a year and we definitely had had our ups and downs. As I walked into that gym though, I knew when I walked out everything was going to be different. I walked over to where the majority of the UCM athletes were sitting, Dennis and his friends spotted me and they were surprised I had made the trip. Dennis came down and I couldn't stop smiling. He was pretty happy to see me and my mom there, and he hadn't heard much out of me the day before or that day. Mom sat down and I told him I wanted to talk to him, we walked away from the crowd away from everyone. We stood there for awhile, and he kept just looking at me, making his eyes big like okay lets hear it, and I couldn't get the words out. In my head, I was saying, BAY WE ARE HAVING A BABY. But all i could do was smile at him with a few little tears in the back. I kept telling him, to "just guess." He was like guess what?! And I told him almost 3 times, to guess what i was about to tell him, and he then that's when he said. you are pregnant. I said yes. he smiled, o my gosh did he smile. he said well okay, are you okay though. I nodded. and we just stood there. He took my hand and we headed back to the stands. His events were coming up and he went to warm up. I told my mom that he had took it well. lol...... that day Dennis did the best he had all year in long jump :)

I spent that Sunday driving back to school and working on a presentation in the library. It was a weird feeling walking by people, because of course I thought they knew I had just found out I was pregnant. Dennis got home late from Joplin and we spend the evening doing laundry and laying in my TWIN bed talking about everything baby. We were both too excited to talk about our worries, but of course they were there. The following day, I went to the health center on campus and took another official test, it was positive as well. Dennis and I left there and went and had breakfast on campus and then made the call to my doctor's office I had been going to to since moving to Warrensburg, it was in Lee's Summit and I loved the office and all the people who worked there. We made the official appointment and it was for March 22nd. It was the Monday after spring break, and it felt like that day was never going to come. I had never been so ready for Spring Break to be over with!

to be continued.... Part 2 the first appointment of many to come and graduating...

Monday, November 29, 2010


happy monday, it sure is windy today!

these are PICS of my FAVORITE FAMILY MEMBER... of course I love all my family BUT i had to choose just one! and that someone is my grams... grandma jane to be exact. this is why i'm audrey jane :) me and my grams have a great relationship, i can talk to her about anything (probably things that most grandmas and granddaughters don't always discuss) and she always offers her opinion and advice, with no filters.. basically she keeps it real :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


i'm finally up-to-date now... sigh. hopefully this week won't be so busy :)

Here are two pics of some of my close friends! I couldn't find pictures with all of my close friends. SO i'll mention them now, other close friend include: miss sarahbeth, tabitha, & crystelle :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


this is a pic of ME! just a normal picture of me really... hair is straight (naturally curly FYI) & wearing a shirt from vickies.... you can't see the rest but i have some skinnies on and boots... my favorite outfits usually consist of those three items :)


this my friends is a pic of my FAVORITE movie... & i still have a little crush on ryan gosling.... goodness he's dreamy, even when he's scruffy :)


So here's a pic of just SOME of my FAMILY. i dont think i have one picture with ALL of my immediate family members... hmmm i'm thinkg christmas time would be a good time to do so! anyWHO this is a picture at my graduation this past May. under my gown i was 4 months pregnant getting more and more excited!


day nine's picture is suppose to be a baby picture... well i failed to grab one when i was home this weekend. So i won't be blessing your eyes today with a baby picture of me :( to be honest i was just a chubby baby with dark hair :)


day eight's picture is suppose to be of my favorite musician or band... well I have several favorites and I couldn't choose just one.. sorryyyyyyyyy

my favorites include: t.i., drake, rhianna, katy perry, sugarland, & josh xantus (as you can see i'm all over the place with music) :) i really can appreciate artists who's lyrics actually mean something... la de da :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


this is a pic of someone who i LOVE! it's my son, Clay! To be honest, he came into my life at the right time, if there is such a thing! i can't imagine my life without him and i am ever so thankful for him. being his mama is an honor and hearing him coo and aah, laugh in his sleep, and seeing his half-smile makes me love life so much more. He has made my life alittle different yet so much more meaningful. i have honestly never had so much fun in my life.... and i can't wait for what else is to come as he grows.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


so now instead of being behind, i'm ahead... i dont think i'm suppose to do this but i'm posting tomorrow's pic! we will be super busy with visiting and driving, so i thought i would post NOW :)

so this photo makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Let me tell you, finding out that I was pregnant with about 3 months left of school was hard and it took all motivation from school. This pic is during one of my last nights as a college student. I was up late (the hair was not combed that day lol) doing silly papers and really just wanted to google baby stuff, look at my stomach, and eat popsicles. Dennis snapped it.... also that orange tank was a trooper during my pregnancy. It was just so soft and long that I wore it as I got bigger and bigger....


this is a picture of just ME. It was last January and I was with a bunch of my girl-friends. They were talking about all my different "faces." What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my mood on my face :)
I was just super hyper... and they started snapping pics!


yes, i'm behind, BUT we've already started our holiday traveling! We are in Omaha, Nebraska! It's Clay 1st real trip! He fell asleep after only being in the car for 20 minutes and slept the whole way there! As soon as we pulled in Dennis' Dad's driveway, Clay was waking up, and was HUNGRY! I fed him and then he filled his pants :) so he's right at home :) ANYWHO back to the photo challenge!

It's suppose to be a picture of where I went on the LAST HOLIDAY, however Halloween was the last holiday, and we were just at home in KC chillin' with Clay in his pumpkin outfit. SO the picture I'm sharing is a picture of where I went on the last "family holiday." By that I mean a holiday that my family usually gets together for!

It was Vienna's Parade and the holiday was Labor Day (really it just happens that way, i dont think we'd get together if the fair and parade weren't going on then lol)! I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay, this picture makes me HAPPY. I may seem conceited, but I'm not. Lots of pictures make me happy, but for some reason when I read the description for today's pic, I thought of this shirt and the situation I was in when I was wearing this shirt! It was Valentine's Day, and we had just got home from such a fun night and I was hyper! I didn't want to take off my vickies shirt and my hair was outta control so I had to put it up high. Dennis took it.... and it took me forever to search and find this picture on my computer fyi!

UGH, I'm already behind!

I'm already slacking in the ever-so easy photo challenge I chose to start... so here I go again!


this is a picture of me a YEAR ago, almost to the date! It was one of Dennis' fraternity formals... i loved the sweater dress i wore. it was from Charlotte Russe, man I love that place. I will be shopping there soon, now that i'm back to normal!!! And I wore these black tall dressy boots.... aw memories. It was a lot of fun and I love when Dennis dresses up! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

photo challenge!

so i was browsing a blog, and journeyed to another blog, and eventually ventured way beyond that and i happened to stumble upon a cool idea for my blog! a 30 day photo challenge! it's where you follow a list of what type of picture to post for the day and tell alittle something-something about the pic....

i thought it would break up the monotony of my novels i tend to type on here!


this is my FACEBOOK profile picture. I actually just changed it today. anyWHO. this is me and my son.... I sure hope he loves my kisses as much as i like giving them to him :)

tomorrow he is 4 weeks old & it feels like he has forever been here!

(stay tuned for the next 29 days of pics & for a post about what i plan on taking on after i get cleared at my 6-week check-up)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

blog? what blog?

i've definitely neglected my blog lately... but i have some excuses as to why!

My son finally made his big debut! October 20th was the day! He has a pretty cool birthday 10/20/2010 :)
Bringing a little boy into this world was quite the experience and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Our days are spent playing, sleeping, and eating of course. He's a great baby and is now sleeping 5-6 hours at a time and only getting up once during the night. we are BLESSED. even if he got up every hour, we'd still love every minute! He loves tummy time (even though sometimes he just lays his head down and dozes) and taking baths too. :) Dennis and I have adjusted very well! He is quite the diaper changer, and he specializes in poopy diapers (okay he's going to kill me when he reads this :)) I had some ups and downs with my own health once we came home, however I am back to feeling good and energized! i can't wait to go to my own check-up and be cleared to start working out again. You guys are going to be surprised about what im about to embark on besides going back to work, being a mama & a girlfriend!!

My next few posts will be little reflections on my pregnancy and being the mama to clay conwell...... so stay tuned!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

it's the simple things...

Like I had mentioned earlier, this week was a little rough. I truly believe I had it TOO easy in the beginning, because to be honest I didn't feel pregnant until I was almost 7 months pregnant. Anywho, things are fine, I'm just not used to not being able to do all the things I want to do and could do. It's a little frustrating, but I have gotten used to it and I know it's for a reason. Dennis helps out alot and reminds me to sit down and rest. I've started listening more when he says that because I know he can tell when I'm getting tired or weak or frustrated! :)

One day this week.... was probably my worst day by far. Cramps, sciatic nerve, and nauseous could sum it all up! Dennis didn't want to go to work and leave, but I made him. I knew I was fine and that I was probably going to be a grump to be around so I told him to go on and that I be would fine. While he was at work, he sent the sweetest, and some of the funniest text messages I have every read, let alone ever recieved. Needless to say I was feeling better by the time he got home. He walked in with my favorite slush! Cherry slushes from Burger King are my new favorite thing... and before pregnancy i DID NOT like anything cherry. Anywho, he came in with two and he just sat there on the couch... sippin' on our slushes just laughin about how we get so excited about having slushes! (You just had to be there moment :))

Later that night.... I did my normal routine of showering, lotioning all up, taking vitamins, did stretches, and got into bed. He was finishing ironing his clothes for the next day and then came to bed. I was almost asleep, and he said.... You know I never thought you could get any more beautifuler. It was quiet for a minute... took me a minute to digest what he had just said. I saw aww thank you bay. And then he said wait, is beautifuler even a word?!?!? We went to sleep laughing that night.....

Late Update...

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Geeze this week has flown by!
I was feelin' rough for most of this week... nothin' in particular, just energy levels all outta wack!
Good thing we got the baby's room ready when we did!

This week we decided on the Pediatrician! So i checked that completely off my list and added all the contact info to my hospital folder :)

Lil' Man's bag is officially packed! We packed a few little outfits, some different size onesies, a hat, socks, and his Jordan booties! It was a really fun thing to actually do.... Dennis and I really liked folding his little things and putting them in his bag...... one of many moments I'll never forget :)

The diaper bag was a real ISSUE for.... we finally got one in time to pack!

Here's what we chose!!!
This past Tuesday I was 38 weeks!!!! I go for my appointment tomorrow! I really look forward to Fridays & Dennis does too! Every appointment is exciting... because we get to hear the heart beat, i get weighed (i'm used to it now :)), and the past 2 appointments I have begun to get checked to see how things are progressing, tomorrow and the next 2 (if i make it that long :)) will be the same as well :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 28th!

So... yesterday was just another day... little did i know that around 3 o'clock all my worries would be GONE! before I go on.... let me give you some background! these past 2 months I have been searching for a career path I can pursue once lil man is here, but start before he's here. And let me tell you, even though you are not suppose to be discriminated against when you are pregnant, well it happens and it has happened to me more times than one. It's an awful feeling, knowing you are qualified for a position BUT since you won't be able to consistently work for the next few weeks because of maternity leave, you aren't even considered. It has been a HUMBLING experience and everyday it was very hard to NOT be bitter about it. HOWEVER.... 2 weeks ago, I interviewed at a bank located in Kansas only 14 minutes away. I never heard anything back... So i completely gave UP on them in my mind.

BUT, yesterday Mr. Bank (I'm not going to use his real name LOL) called, I answered & then sat down. I was completely ready for him to start out by saying how qualified I was and BLAH BLAH and then hear the HOWEVER we have decided to pursue a different candidate for the position.... BUT by GOLLY....... HE OFFERED ME THE POSITION! I wanted to do a backFLIP. I accepted OF COURSE. We chatted for awhile and then talked about the training aspect of the position. This is where he said he was completely confident in hiring me and excited for me to join the staff. We talked dates and I'll be starting in DECEMBER and will be earning more than my previous job! He even said to call him once I have the baby!!
This means 5 THINGS:
no more job searchin' for this mama
I know where I'll be working
I know when I'll be working
I know how much I'll be making
I know where to look for a sitter

I thanked GOD immediately after getting off the phone & then called my DAD. He was so surprised! My dad doesn't say much when it comes to important things... and all he said was WOW, I'm proud of you Aud. i CRIED! LOL. He then went on to say... now you're really going to be shopping for a new car! yes, indeed I will be! I then called Dennis (not even thinking what time it was), well he was in class and when he saw me calling he THOUGHT i was in labor. I had to calm him down and then tell him the good news too! He ended up coming home early from class and took me to dinner! LOL

all in all.... this means I will truly get to cherish each and every day once lil' man is here. I'm not saying I wouldn't have if I hadn't got the job but I know it would have been in the back of my mind...... and NOW no worries for me. Believe me, I thanked god 5 times extra yesterday for seeing me through this little journey!
So that's my GOOD NEWS and HOPEFULLY my next GOOD NEWS post will be once lil' man ARRIVEs....or if i win the lottery (prolly not though bc i don't even play) :)

my to-do list!!!

this past week i checked off numerous things from my list... it was a RELiEF!

This is what my list has looked like for the past 3 weeks!!!!!!! that's a LONG time!

-Finalize insurance!!! (DONE, as of last week!)
-Receive new id cards and prescription cards (DONE, as of last week)
-Update both DR and Hospital with new insurance (DONE, as of last week)
-Submit hospital admitting forms (DONE, as of yesterday!)
-Make decisionS on:
-Vaccinations (YES)
-Cord Blood Donation (YES)
-Pediatrician (NOT YET, in process of though) should know by Friday who we decide on!!!
-E-mail directions to the hospital to all the importants (YES, today)
-Make a list of what I'll pack in my "hospital bag" (NO, not completely done. Hopefully by tonight though. Dennis will be home early so then we can decide on a few outfits, blanket to pack for lil man to come home in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Organize folder of all my information and forms for when we head to the hospital!!! (YES, just have to add the pediatricians contact info once we decide!)
-Find a sitter for lil man once I go back to work ( MORE ON THIS LATER :))

2 Sundays ago...

I had my baby shower!!! My stepmom and 3 girls in my fam put it on for me! I've never had a real party for just me (besides highschool graduation) so it was a little strange feeling... knowing all the people there were there for me, dennis, and lil man! i could def feel the LOVE. we got everything from diapers, CLOTHES, toys, books, blankets, a tub, and MORE!! it was soooo good to see family members i don't normally see and my friends from home and my friends from warrensburg finally met! it was such a good day and i was sad when we had to come back to kc. it took awhile for my dad and dennis to pack the car! we had to leave the car seat and awhole bunch of stuff behind... BUT my dad made a trip up here that next thursday to bring the rest of the stuff up! Sunday when dennis and i got back to kc.... it was such a feeling... unloading the car and thinking about how much we are loved and so lucky to have such caring people around us!!! we re-read every card.... and looked at each and every item! it took awhile let me tell you! we got basically everything we wanted and needed..... and came home with leftover food and cake too!!! now i just have to add that special day into the baby book!!!!

the ONLY two things i'm getting this week are a diaper bag and thermometer! and that's it!
we settled on a name... so i'm thinking about doing a personalized bag!!! we'll see...... :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


So i've been a little MIA lately..... we've been super busy lemme tell you!

Since my last post.....

i had my baby shower,
attended a wedding,
had my 36 week check-up,
& checked some items off my long to-do list!!!

i'll be posting later today... i'm heading to a little class today, & by "little" i mean a 20 minute class! it's just a car seat class.... but i thought it would be a good idea to go and actually hear how to buckle in the base, the baby, and all that good stuff.
car seats seem so simple.... but i'm not the type of person who thinks they know everything! :)

happy monday! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

belly pics and watermelon

SO i couldn't think of a clever title for this..... but anywho here's a few pics I wanted to share!
growing belly....
this was at almost 32 weeks!

& this was at almost 35 weeks, do the math, that's only 3 weeks difference and LOOK :):)

& with that.... the watermelon craving came back... like never before! thought i'd show everyone how i cut up watermelon... yes i got alil bored that day and took pics too!

get out the cutting board and knife!
slice it in half

the room!

last week... I worked almost everyday in lil man's room or in the laundry room! got to use dreft for the first time... and BOY does it smell so precious! all of the clothes we have so far are all clean and folded and sorted and ready to go! we got the crib up awhile back... just hadn't taken an official pic of it yet! his room has been a process since the beginning... my main goal was to use all that we already have and make them work for the time being.... i felt there was no need to buy several items that I considered extra...
we already had a regular size dresser, white, in which we weren't using, given lil' man doesn't need this, however could still be used obviously
we also had a book shelf, white as well, that i saw had real potential, this too we weren't really putting any use to it because it didn't match anything but the white dresser LOL
so here's what I did and the process that i finally got through :)
all washed up.. just waiting to be worn!
vacant book shelf.....
lined it with yellow liner... notice the doll to the right... that's the doll my grams made for me... next to her is a bear dennis got me awhile back... not sure where they're gonna go when lil' man arrives.... i'm not so into dolls and babies, let alone baby boys LOL... we just haven't found a place for them yet!
finished shelf... i basically just put onesies... sleepers.... some matching outfits in there too... by size.... on top is a Build-a-Bear Dennis & I made for lil man this past week... named him Teddy Pain... or T-Pain :)

the crib... notice the pumpkin outfit hanging above... IF he comes on time...that'll be almost 2 weeks before Halloween. My stepmom and I found this little outfit with hat @ Old Navy and couldn't pass it up :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Monday Moment!!!!!!

OKAY! this is going to be something new I do on Mondays... I'm calling it "Monday Moment"

I know Mondays aren't most people's favorite... so i thought I would share something on Mondays.... to help with the Monday dreads.... :)
Because I love photography (& anyone who can capture "the moment, i cant seem to get it!) and basically anything artsy..... I'm going to share a photo that caught my eye during the week or weekend... I typically visit time.com but i may try to find other fun sites that appreciate photographer's work..& from time to time I may post a picture that the paparazzi has snapped of a celebrity like msn.com. Either way I'm just going to share a picture that held my attention for more than 5 seconds.... :)

Since last night was the VMA's.... i'll share this with you!
I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan.... but I appreciated her acceptance speechs... I love when celebrities can show their emmotions and be humble when winning awards.... and also it's always interesting to see what this lady is going to wear... goodness!

Happy Monday yall!

p.s. i promise i won't be sharing pics like this every week...i'll keep it different from week to week :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this won't happen AGAiN!

so.... this probably won't happen again in a LONG time.. but I'm going to share a recipe with YOU :) I'm no betty crocker... I'm thankful Dennis likes to cook. I like to cook BUT don't love it.... I do basic things and add little somethings to keep it interesting! So what can i say, things never taste the same LOL

It's called 5 cup fruit salad BUT i've changed everything LOL and managed to keep it all the same every time we have it. I love fruit!

This is what I use... it makes ALOT, but we like it so well it doesn't go to waste :)
2 cans of Pineapple chunks (drain half the juice & use the other half in the mixture)
2 cans of Mandarin oranges (drain half of the juice & use the other half in the mixture)
1 pkg. of seedless grapes (you can cut them in half if you'd like)
1 pkg. of mini Marshmallows
1/2 pkg. of coconut flakes
2 containers of sour cream
it probably sounds GROSS already... i thought the same thing! but NOPE :)

there's no rhyme or reason on how to mix it all together... but what I do is usually start with a can of each and some grapes and a container of sour cream mix it a little and add the remaining and then add the coconut and marshmallows... let it chill for a few hours and WA LAW it's like a sweet pudding with fruit! :)

Birth Announcements!!!!

I just discovered Shutterfly and I'm in LOVE! I'm going to do the announcements through them and can't wait! I've already made templates ready for the pics to be put in the slots!!! and what TOPS it all of.... I got free prints just for signing up AND we got a 20$ Shutterfly gift card in the goody bag Target gave us for registering!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo excited!!!

so CHECK it out & if you sign up you'll get"
50 free 4X6 prints
free & unlimited storage
& you can pick up your prints @ Target!!

a trip to Arby's

So lately.... Arby's has been something that I could eat for every meal. I do love Arby's and did before lil boy was even a thought. anyWHO, Dennis gets home one evening, & I suggest we go to Arby's. He wasn't to sure about, since it was a little late for us oldies to be out and plus it was raining and lightening a tad. I convinced him because we have a rule we try to follow that only allows us to eat fast food once a 2 weeks.......so that night was going to be our spurlge!

We leave the apartment... he drove (of course) and we're driving down 350. it's a two lane highway....the speed limit is 55, but where 435 meets it... people drive FASTER bc they are used to driving 70. anyWHO, we driving like 50 mph because it was dark and the rain had just stopped and I'm like a nazi now when it comes to driving. We enter the city limits and it turns to 45MPH.... dennis slows alittle like usual and then a older Chevy truck passes us going FAST. so fast that it reminds me to put my seatbelt on! crazy? yes i am. I say something to Dennis like look at that truck driving fast... thats when the truck moves into the left lane our lane, which was fine bc it's a 2 lane highway... BUT then he decides to get over again. Let me mention this it's not a 3 lane highway... so he drove down the shoulder for a good while and I say something to Dennis like OMG this truck thinks the shoulder is a LANE!?!? He said... o wow that's weird... at this point the truck goes under an overpass and goes OFF of the road and up this embankment, FLIPS and then lands with it's back end in our LANE. this happened in a matter of minutes.... dennis pulls up and stops.... we sit there for almost 20 seconds... and I said I've got to call 911! I make the call..... tell the operator our location. In the meantime, another vehicle had stopped and that guy and Dennis walk up to the truck. I didn't look at the truck the entire time. I dont know why.... i just couldn't chance it. I remember things to WELL! As they were walking up... thats when I look at the damage. This poor man is hanging out of the passenger side. I said a quick prayer and sat there... tears in my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking that that is someones son, brother, husband, lover, friend.... I see the other man who had walked up there, turn the truck off while Dennis is kind of squatting saying something and doing something with his hands...... that's when the ambulance, fire dept, and various police cars arrive. The man and Dennis walk back to the car... I roll down my window and Dennis is just shaking his head... he noticed me about to cry and all he said was the guy could hear him when he was clapping his hands. The police access the damage and the ambulance and fire dept. do what they do with every wreck. An officer approached our car and took Dennis' statement about what happened. He took his contact information, and said in the same breath that we aren't going to call you or anything it's just that you witnessed the wreck. We were allowed to leave... and it was silent in the car. We pulled up to Arby's and all I wanted to do was throw-up. I know Dennis could hear my thoughts but made me go in and get a sandwich..... we nibbled on our food and didn't even really speak. We just sat in a booth, looking at each other face to face... both of us just shocked. I counted my blessings extra that night.....
the following week I searched and watched the news all that I could so I could hear if the man survived. I heard NOTHING. I'm assuming it was considered just another wreck... but it was a wreck we had actually witnessed and I'll never forget it!

two weeks later: Dennis received a Summons to court as a witness to the accident! So i'll keep you posted on this.... definitely something we'll both never forget!

i'm baaaaaaaack :)

as I promised an eternity AGO... i was gonna share some things that had happened to me lately....
I'll start with the wasps and spiders! UGH

So i DiSLiKE most or all bugs.... i can tolerate butterflies but that's all!
anyWHO, at our apartment, our lovely walk-out patio has pretty bushes and such to have privacy and I guess they serve as something pretty to look at. Upon moving in.... the apartment management sprayed for bugs inside and out. We have found a few dead SPiDERS on the patio here and there....
So one day, while Dennis was at work, I decided I was going to clean up the patio (sweep, organize our items like the grill, solar light, chairs, and other items) AND i was going to clean up the bushes.... it seems like leaves and web things get in them and it grosses me out! So I spent almost an hour out there working, raking, sweeping, and I finished it off by spraying this crazy powerful spray Dennis had bought around the patio and around the bushes ( i did hold my nose and went inside following so I wouldn't breath those chemicals in)! It felt so good to show him what I had accomplished, and it made me feel more comfortable being out there since there was no where for pesky bugs to hide!

The next morning, I open the blind things on the patio doors... and SEE 3 curled up spiders! I screamed... just because it grossed me out but because I was thinking... o yea go ME! Dennis comes in the living room to see what was wrong and I tell him to look out there!! He was like Wow.... good job! lol. We eat breakfast..... and then I decide I'm going to dispose of these potential intruders...and go out and there's only 2 spiders.... I'm assuming one was sleeping?!?! (I don't know why it was curled up and still alive... so i have no idea where it went) It kind of freaked me out... but as I'm outside and Dennis is inside on the other side of the closed patio door... I'm just being silly and sweeping and showing him more in depth what I had did the day before. I happen to look up at the light fixture AND there's 4 red wasps swarming around.... OKAY i freak because I've only been stung once by one and I swelled up like a balloon! I look at Dennis and he looks up and say HOLY SH*T get in here....I drop the broom and almost run through the glass door because he couldn't open it fast enough. It was funny after I was inside and safe.... so he went out there while they were still out there and killed them with the spray... it was just one of the moments... you just had to be there! and we laughed and laughed about it afterwards.... because I went from being silly, to SCARED, to almost running through the closed door, to laughing..... it doesn't take much to get laugh out of us! :)

So i survived... and the bugs didn't :) me 1 bugs 0

Monday, August 23, 2010

31 weeks and 4 days!!!!


catchin' up!

so a few weird events have happened since my last post... i'll post more about them later in the week.. here's a run down of what i'll be telling you about!

-my encounter with wasps and spiders!

-a trip to Arbys

-Omaha trip

-the crib!!!

-birth announcements

that's all for now folks!

i'll be bloggin' sooooooon :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


writing my last post.. made me think of something, Negativity.

dennis and i happily tell everyone we know about the baby, due date, yada yada yada.
and something we agree on is some people are SOOOO negative about pregnancy.
when some people are so excited and are so happy OTHERS ask questions like,

"was it planned" to be honest that's none of your business, all you need to know is that we are expecting and if you are using the word "IT" for pregnancy you need to know that it's the most beautiful thing to experience and if you're using the word "IT" for the baby, well you are just a nimrod!

"are you ready" i just want to SCREAM. so think about it.... what if i said NO I'M NOT?!?!?!? the baby is STILL coming... so we don't have any other option but to be READY. so shush it

"late night crying and no sleep" i just wanna say big WHOOP! i don't think we will ever be the "perfect parents" but we are going to do our best. it's not like we are going to let the baby cry and sleep all day... get real LOL!

"babies cost alot of money" i just want to say o REALLY?!?! i had no idea... i just thought you walk into wal-mart and everything is FREE?!?! news flash.. we KNOW! lol. being pregnant costs alot of money. just plain living costs alot of money... that's why we cherish the money we earn! because for once in our lives.... its important how we spend it!

"are you guys going to get married?" this is the funniest question! when is having a baby a reason to get married?!?! when the time is right the right thing will happen... or that's what i believe. we are having the baby together and he will be raised by both parents... and thats all people need to know.

self timer..

since becoming pregnant... i'm always thinking, "o take a picture" i dont know why but almost every occasion or just a regular day i jump up and think o my gosh i have to take a picture... so i do enjoy the self timer on my camera! when dennis is at work, i have no other way but the timer.. and boy do i have fun. so many people look at pregnancy as a rough road or a scary thing. geeze i LOVE it. i love it.... i don't dislike anything!

the weight... i will lose it! i'm not going to focus on my pudge when i should be cherishing my baby boy once he's here. but i WILL say.... i will get my body back and i will have some tone in my arms LOL.. they have been flabby since high school! i think having a child and becoming a mama.... that's all the motivation i need to get in shape again. I want to live as long as i can and be happy with my body at the same time! can't wait!

heartburn.... so i had it before baby came along BUT now i get it eating cookies, spicy things, just about anything & even though i sucks when i wake up feeling like a dragon... i just rub my belly and think it's all worth it and more!

clothing... so i did stress in the beginning like o my gosh am i going to have to wear those frilly flowery tops?!?!?!?! i quickly found out NO. i'm pretty luck that only my belly and boobs and hips have changed! i wear many of my tanks i wore before baby, even though they are stretching with me... i just make sure they are long enough and i'm fine. jeans... well those got retired a month ago. i did have to buy some maternity pants. and i LOVE them. wearing pants and having to put a ponytail through the loop and the button is for THE BIRDS. seriously. maternity pants you can actually pull up and are so comfy.... geeze.

skin... my skin as changed as well. i had many breakouts in my early months...and of course i quit tanning. so i had to get used to my pale skin. I'm still trying to embrace it because it is healthier. i still love the sun and love when i get some sun!

energy... to be honest i didn't feel pregnant until i hit 6months. i did take a nap every once in awhile, but i was able to fully function in the mornings and stay up late. HOWEVER, this past month my energy level has lowered. I have to have a nap sometime during the day or i go to bed at like 8 and that doesn't work because then dennis and i would never be able to spend time together. i can't wait for the days to come when i don't have time for a nap. :)
for the closing i'll add some funny pics i've taken with the self timer! hope you have a good laugh :)
what is this we've got here!

ewww so serious!
not for long!

30 weeks and...

the nesting has started!
the crib should be arriving tomorrow... so yesterday i got the urge to start/finish the decorating, we couldn't decide any "art" for the walls... and i just couldn't spend 50 bucks on a turtle picture... so i went to Hobby Lobby. i love that place... always have! before i left for my adventure, I studied the bedding set and decided on three colors i would focus more on & i chose a pretty blue (back in the day my favorite crayon was Cerulean) and its pretty close to it, an orangey color, and a butter yellow!
i bought:
-1 pack of clothes pins
-3 different paint colors ( i took the dust ruffle from the bedding with me to the store)
-1 unfinished wood picture frame
-2 picture frames (they matched the color scheme so WELL)
-1 paint pen (to use on the frame i painted)
-2 rolls of yarn (2 different colors)

i already had paint brushes & pictures!
i'll let the pictures do the rest of the work!

the fun begins....

painting! not as tedious as i thought it would be!

almost done.... now DRY!
got the yarn up.... not sure if it's straight! lol
finished! can't wait to change out the pics & onesies!
on the dresser... pics of mama and daddy (LOL) and his nephews!
our "dry run" lol... it was more fun actually taking the pictures and posing... we have too much fun doing nothing! lol
i'll post more pics once i get the crib up and all comfy :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hmmm.... weird craving

okay... so my cravings have all been pretty normal this far.. but today i'm wanting some bread with butter and cottage cheese. this is very weird and i think my eating habits are almost back to regular....not sure what to think about this. well off to the store now...lol

one of those "aw" moments

so dennis... who is lovey behind closed doors surprised me with an idea the other day. i could tell he didnt know how to bring it up, but eventually he said that he wanted to do a belly cast. FIRST THOUGHT was kendra and hank.... yes the tv show, they did a cast on the show and it was a funny experience to watch. i could tell it was something he really wanted to do, and something i had never thought of. so i'm sure we'll be doing it soon.... not sure what we'll do with it afterwards.. but it'll sure be a fun experience. gosh i love him so much......okay no more lovey dovey stuff. promise!

drum roll!

FiRST real purchase for lil man!!! and we both agreed right away on it! there is a god!

we bought the 4 piece set which is the comforter, fitted sheet, bumpers, and dust ruffle.
i'm pretty sure he won't sleep in it a lot, but by golley it'll be all cute and ready for when he does!
we also bought the little hamper, like he's gonna be putting his dirty laundry in it? but i thought it was cute and can be used for toys later on.
we ordered the mobile and it'll all be set!
can you say nesting?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

more pics than words this time!

27 weeks! woop there he is!
foofee foofee (dennis) is one heck of a cook!

garden corn! yum!

starting to figure out how to dress with a belly!

one of my fave pictures! lol

lordy... omaha comes to vienna!

i sure do miss my grams... but love when i come home. we could talk for hours!
she calls often... and we talk till gramps comes home lol.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

Hope yall had a blast on Independence Day! I had a great weekend.... even though I didn't get to spend it with my family, dennis' family came down! we had a blast. Great conversation and even better food! yum! we went and watched fireworks @ RiverFront... in K.C. WOW...best show we've ever seen!

25 weeks!