Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this won't happen AGAiN!

so.... this probably won't happen again in a LONG time.. but I'm going to share a recipe with YOU :) I'm no betty crocker... I'm thankful Dennis likes to cook. I like to cook BUT don't love it.... I do basic things and add little somethings to keep it interesting! So what can i say, things never taste the same LOL

It's called 5 cup fruit salad BUT i've changed everything LOL and managed to keep it all the same every time we have it. I love fruit!

This is what I use... it makes ALOT, but we like it so well it doesn't go to waste :)
2 cans of Pineapple chunks (drain half the juice & use the other half in the mixture)
2 cans of Mandarin oranges (drain half of the juice & use the other half in the mixture)
1 pkg. of seedless grapes (you can cut them in half if you'd like)
1 pkg. of mini Marshmallows
1/2 pkg. of coconut flakes
2 containers of sour cream
it probably sounds GROSS already... i thought the same thing! but NOPE :)

there's no rhyme or reason on how to mix it all together... but what I do is usually start with a can of each and some grapes and a container of sour cream mix it a little and add the remaining and then add the coconut and marshmallows... let it chill for a few hours and WA LAW it's like a sweet pudding with fruit! :)

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