Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my to-do list!!!

this past week i checked off numerous things from my list... it was a RELiEF!

This is what my list has looked like for the past 3 weeks!!!!!!! that's a LONG time!

-Finalize insurance!!! (DONE, as of last week!)
-Receive new id cards and prescription cards (DONE, as of last week)
-Update both DR and Hospital with new insurance (DONE, as of last week)
-Submit hospital admitting forms (DONE, as of yesterday!)
-Make decisionS on:
-Vaccinations (YES)
-Cord Blood Donation (YES)
-Pediatrician (NOT YET, in process of though) should know by Friday who we decide on!!!
-E-mail directions to the hospital to all the importants (YES, today)
-Make a list of what I'll pack in my "hospital bag" (NO, not completely done. Hopefully by tonight though. Dennis will be home early so then we can decide on a few outfits, blanket to pack for lil man to come home in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Organize folder of all my information and forms for when we head to the hospital!!! (YES, just have to add the pediatricians contact info once we decide!)
-Find a sitter for lil man once I go back to work ( MORE ON THIS LATER :))

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