Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So, Clay is becoming more and more mobile everyday, he scoots and will rock back in forth on his knees, but hasn't completely did the entire crawling motion. It just amazes me, how everything happens so fast :( I get weepy at everything "new" he does, and I seriously hope I'm not that mother who cries at every event! I seriously shed some tears when Dennis thought he spotted a tooth, it was a false alarm, but I found myself crying, I guess happy tears but sad ones too. He just gets bigger and bigger everyday :) About teeth, none of popped through.... I can see 4, i think, he wont let me look in his mouth long enough :)

He eats solids for lunch now. We started off with green beans...he loved them! He would open his mouth up ready for more, He was definitely ready I believe. After that first week and no reactions, we moved on to carrots, he loved those as well! Then we went to sweet potatoes, he loved those too LOL. So then we tried the fruits, he loved those too. So now he eats half of jar of a veggie and a couple spoon fulls of a fruit with a 4oz bottle for lunch :) His formula intake obviously decreased now that eats solids. Of a evening we'll occasionally feed him a little fruit with his evening bottle.

After his 6month appt, the pediatrician suggested trying a sippy cup with water or watered down juice. He got the hang of the sippy cup pretty quick, but he still manages to get it everywhere, I believe he just sucks too much out and doesn't know what to do with it all. So we still let him have it every couple nights BEFORE bath time.

Speaking of bath he's completely out grown his tub, but I haven't found a new replacement I've liked... I want something to maybe use in our tub, but still secure because he is bigger than average and strong, and I don't want to have to try to keep him safe and secure while trying to get him scrubbed up at the same time... any suggestions!?!?! I pictured just buying a "bigger" baby tub because he was very secure in that before he out grew it :) ... but I haven't seen any ones bigger than one we already have.

Just a month ago, he really started babbling, but in the last two weeks it's gotten more frequent and LOUDER! he started with baba, and now its A BABABA AB AB AB, so I'm loving the consonant/vowel & vowel/consonant strings. We hear daa daa every once in awhlie but then its quickly followed by BABABA. it's so fun to watch him move his lips to make the sounds. I still say mamamama to him, and he just laughs :)

His other tricks include: sitting completely up, going from sitting up to on his belly, reaching as far as he can for toys and laughing a few different ways.

Another accomplishment worth mentioning is that he's SLEEPING in his own crib EVERY night now. It was time.... well you see we have a king bed so us three had plenty of room, but since he started be able to move more on his belly meant more space I had to section off for him and then there dennis & i were... and I like to sprawl. so it was time. Now it so much easier because I'm able to pick up our room before we go to bed because Clay isn't in our bed. And he's gotten use to waking up in his crib... the first few morning he would allow, the kind we usually do when we go back and forth doing it, so I knew he was looking for us :) Now he wakes up and starts babbling and squirming around and looking at the turtles and chicks on the bumpers..... we use the monitor too, its happened three times that Clay has tooted in his sleep and it's made both Dennis & I to wake up :) So we've all adjusted just fine :)

Whooty Who!

Hey yall :) remember me?!?!
sorry, i've been gone for awhile now....
here's what's new with us :)
-Clay turned 7 months last month (tear) he's just growing & growing (more on him later)
-I accepted a position with the same bank i've been working for since December, just a different -branch, WAHOO! (more on that later too)
-Dennis accepted a position with Enterprise Management! WAHOO!
-We took a trip to Chicago with some other family members, we had a blast & witnessed a beautiful wedding!

Other than going through our normal day-to-day routine, we haven't did awhole lot! We do have some fun things planned for the remaining of the summer though:

2 weddings!!
Trip to Omaha!
Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun (we live literally 20 minutes away)
Balloon Fest!
& maybe an Air Show!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who new a snow day could be so fun :)

So on February 1st, Dennis & I were snowed in... it was SO nice having an unplanned day-off with all 3 of us together!

this was almost a month ago... lordy I'm going to have to update more frequently!

Just a few pics...

his little mootsie tootsiesssss

using his little strength too much :)

never again... lol. he's gonna kill me for this when he's older and "tougher"

Just chatting before bed :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's been awhile!

Hey yall! So sorry about the lack of posts! I need to somehow try to incorporate blogging into my "routine." I know later on I'm going to be kicking myself in the booty for not writing things down!

Here's some topics to update about:

Clay - is GROWING! O my goodness... everyDAY he surprises me. He definitely doesn't act like a newborn anymore. He is one hyper boy who kicks constantly and is swinging his arms around. So truth be known, he catches me or my glasses atleast once in a day and it makes me laugh everytime. He's a strong little booger and loves grabbing on to things in sight. We used to be able to lay him on our big bathroom counter, it was sort of the "changing area" BUT now everything is too close in reach for him. He knocks everything off the counter and laughs! He was a big talker starting early and he hasn't stopped yet! We gurgle now... he gurgles and then I gurgle and we go back and forth like that for a few minutes. He loves that and I do too. I feel like we are actually communicating. He is holding his bottle up now too.... but when he starts drifting off is when he needs help. He is in FULL teething mode now and it's not the funnest. He is drooling on everything and crabby some days. Everyday you can bet I'm checking for a tooth :) He loves the TV too.... almost too much! I guess it's just bright and noisy so that's why he likes to look at it. He still loves his pacifier too but only for sleeping. He used to want it the entire time he wasn't eating, but now he only wants it when he's going to sleep or upset. He WANTS to crawl so bad. He rears up and just moves his arms fast. I'll put a toy in front of him, giving him a goal, and he'll wear his little self out! :) Sleeping is still wonderful. He goes to bed anywhere between 8 & 9;30 and wakes up around 6. These past few days he has woke once in the night because of teething... which is really hard being that he has slept through the night for a few months now. But we managed fine and we're all doing just great.

Job - I'm still loving my job!!! Love the people and my customers! It's been the first job I haven't dreaded everyday going too. I'm continuing to learn everyday and meet my goals everyday. I love my two bosses too, they're great about giving me a day off for Clay's appointments. It's a great feeling that my job doesn't try to take priority in my life. Clay comes first and they don't have a problem with that at all!

Dennis & I - We learn things everyday! Either about Clay, parenting, or any other thing related to a relationship. We have so much fun, everyday, minus a few grumpy days. But we really do have fun, just playing with Clay is how we spend most of our evenings. We play this game called "Clay make a sound." We play this when one of us wants something, for instance I'll say, "Clay make a sound if you want daddy to wash the dishes." It's pretty hilarious, because Clay has no idea what we are saying, he just knows his mama & dad are in his face waiting for him to make a sound! Sometimes he just sits there and stares at us like we are both crazy :)

Food/Clothing - Clay is eating 8oz. now and occasionally 6 oz. He loves to eat and as long as the pediatrician is okay with that amount I am too. He is in 6-9month clothes too. The one-size fits all sleepers are not fitting anymore :( We also bought his first real pair of real shoes last month.. size 2 :)

All in all... things are going well. It seems like there is never enough hours in the day, but once I get off work and pick up Clay it seems like nothing could get better. I really thank god everyday for Clay and for my situation, it seems like everything fell into place one Clay arrived and that's the truth. We have a good routine of taking Clay to the sitter's (we'll call her Pat for blogging purposes:)) and one of us picking him up @ 5. On the days I work till 7, Dennis picks him up, and on those days boy can I not wait to get home. I sometimes wish I didn't have to work, and I could be with Clay everyday all day. But I know that's not realistic at this time and I do love working and getting a paycheck so it balances out. I know too that it's best for Clay that I work and add to our household's income. :)

I'm going to make a BETTER effort to blog more, so I don't have to write novels on here every once a month when I update. I even told Dennis to remind to do it when I'm just surfing the web... we'll see how it goes :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

New news :)

(Christmas morning at my parents)
December was a month full of new things for our lil' Clay. He started smiling & talking MORE and laughing LOUD. In the mornings I would lay there and wait to hear him talking and laughing and looking up at the fan! He truly is a happy little boy, unless he's hungry or has something in his diaper! To be honest I got LESS sleep when I was pregnant! And the first weekend in December he started sleeping the entire night, we typically have him in bed by 10 of a night, and he wakes up anywhere in between 5:30 and 7AM..... so we're lucky to say the least! We also had his 2month appointment in December and he was off the charts! He was 14.4 and 24 3/4.... both were 92nd percentile and HC was 88th percentile. He has a personality now too... he'll make a real sad face with his bottom lip and smile the next, it's like he already knows EXACTLY what he wants and when. :)

Birth Announcements!!!!

After having my lil' man... I decided to wait a bit before we sent out announcements. I thought when he was more alert would make for a more fun and real-life announcement... well the time passed so quickly and now I feel like I wait too long, O WELL.
But basically I wanted to use certain pictures but couldn't decide on the layout and what I'd say on them... Like "Sorry for the delay, here's a 3 month pic of Clay" :) I will post what I decided SOON :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clay's Arrival, Part 2

the night before our 1st appointment was nerve racking! i couldn't sleep and didn't feel good at all.... so many weird and new thoughts raced through my head. i was excited yet so scared.

the appointment was at 8:45AM and 30 minutes away, I got up at 5 and took a shower, straightened my hair and it was 6:30AM then.... i have done this same routine for so many different occasions; get up WAY too early go through the motions and then sit and WAIT to leave... so there I was and it was nearly 2 hours away for when we needed to leave... so i woke up Dennis who was obviously sleeping better than i had. and I had him get up and..... wait with me lol. I was too awake to be grumpy but i remember thinking this is the beginning.I got impatient and we ended up leaving my apartment around 7:45 and we went through McDonalds and got Dennis some breakfast... i didn't eat because of being so sick to my stomach (i think it was more nerves because I never had morning sickness or any kind till the end)

we didn't speak the entire way there, I think dennis could sense my mood and played it safe (I'm thankful for that because I was on the edge of alot of emotions) we got to the appointment and i felt alittle better, it was a familiar place because I had been going there for my womanly checkups, so that helped. we got there 20minutes early and go called in right away(i remembered that, and from then on I scheduled early appointments and never had to wait too long)
the nurse was so warm and friendly and basically asked alot of questions about me, family, and dennis, and his close family. It was alittle overwhelming but it definently made me start thinking more of the baby's health than who he'd look like or if he'd have my eyes. It was a long appointment and I received alot of information and freebies and just loads of stuff. They took my blood and weighed me as well.. the first of many times to come.

we left the appointment with alot to talk about! the entire day we talked about things that were mentioned earlier... and if i remember correctly we skipped our classes for the day and ate at Applebee's! :)

one of the next appointments we heard the heartbeat and we both teared up. i just layed there and smiled and cried. it was so fast and i remember thinking this little baby is going to be so fun. we had our ultrasound the next appointment.... and that was another happy cry :) this was also the day that we got our official due date... October 19th.... and boy did that feel like an eternity away, I had no idea what the next months were going to bring..

I was still obviously in classes, it was my last semester, and all of my classmates knew at this time. So most of my classtime was spent talking with my close friends about the baby and my future plans... it seems like me getting pregnant brought some of us closer.... The 1st week of May was finals week... I breezed through it and graduated that Saturday. It was a crazy hectic day. Dennis was in Kansas for track conference but his fam made it down! I had bought a white pencil skirt and a frilly little top and CUTE heels to wear, during the graduation ceremony I had to reach in through my gown and unzip my skirt alittle (it had too zippers on the front) it was too snug, I was hot, and was sitting at a weird angle. The day was very memorable...and I remember thinking to myself one day I'm going to tell the baby all about when I walked across the stage carrying him.

I graduated on that Saturday and started working on that Monday....

and in June we moved to Kansas City, FINALLY!

the move went well..... and it was so nice to finally have our own place, the place where we would bring our little baby home too.

June was spent putting our apartment together and settling into our jobs. In the middle of the month I surprised Dennis for his birthday and took him to an airshow in Iowa. I look back at it now, and think HOW did i do it. it was scorching hot and not reasonable to do when you're with child. but I did it and he'll never forget that birthday! This month was also when i felt the first kicks... and boy he didn't stop! Any music or loud sound he would start and would not stop. I remember working one day and thought what is this baby doing.... well he figured out how to completely turn, so that day I felt like i was on a rollarcoaster and my stomach churned all day. I knew from then on that he was gonna be active (and I was right.... more on that later :)) June was also the month I accepted a different postion at a different store. This was also the first big month of cravings... and to be honest we could not keep enough FRUIT in our house. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that i was eating almost 4 cans of fruit plus grapes or watermelon every day. Dennis wore himself going to the nearest Price Chopper. The other thing that I consumed in large amounts was MILK. On average we were doing 2 gallons a week, and Dennis doesn't drink it. I'm so thankful I had sort of healthy cravings.. By the end of this month i FINALLY had a bump. I serioulsy believe my co-workers and boss didn't believe I was pregnant and alot of not so close friends didn't believe I was either...or so I heard. :) June was also the month I started my "night routine", you all will eventually realize that I do almost everything in a routine... well until I had Clay, but anyWHO my routine was where every night when I got out of the shower or bath, I would lotion up from head to toe with this great Cocoa Butter lotion... i was determined to take care of my skin while he changed... and I'm pretty proud of myself for doing that everytime.. even when I was so exhausted and Dennis had to help me. LOL After doing all of that, take my vitamins and get settled into bed. I swear I couldn't take any other medication daily at the same time everyday, but by golly I took my prenatal vitamins every night!

July was a fun month.... 4th we celebrated with his fam that came down and then went to Westport to watch the fireworks... they were stunnning. We also had our 2nd routine ultra-sound... boy had HE had grown... and kicked and rolled the entire time. We were able to copy the ultrasound on a DVD... I'll show Clay one day. This month my belly grew alittle more, just enough to make regular shirts short :)

August I remember being a hectic month, Dennis was starting his last semester and I was in full fledge nesting and sorting through potential names! We both could agree on what kinds of names we liked, but couldn't decide on one. I'm so thankful we went with the name we did... i love family names :)

from the beginning the appointments, weight gain, blood pressure, protein, and blood were nearly perfect.... until mid August when I was about 31 weeks along. Then things started changing...