Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So, Clay is becoming more and more mobile everyday, he scoots and will rock back in forth on his knees, but hasn't completely did the entire crawling motion. It just amazes me, how everything happens so fast :( I get weepy at everything "new" he does, and I seriously hope I'm not that mother who cries at every event! I seriously shed some tears when Dennis thought he spotted a tooth, it was a false alarm, but I found myself crying, I guess happy tears but sad ones too. He just gets bigger and bigger everyday :) About teeth, none of popped through.... I can see 4, i think, he wont let me look in his mouth long enough :)

He eats solids for lunch now. We started off with green beans...he loved them! He would open his mouth up ready for more, He was definitely ready I believe. After that first week and no reactions, we moved on to carrots, he loved those as well! Then we went to sweet potatoes, he loved those too LOL. So then we tried the fruits, he loved those too. So now he eats half of jar of a veggie and a couple spoon fulls of a fruit with a 4oz bottle for lunch :) His formula intake obviously decreased now that eats solids. Of a evening we'll occasionally feed him a little fruit with his evening bottle.

After his 6month appt, the pediatrician suggested trying a sippy cup with water or watered down juice. He got the hang of the sippy cup pretty quick, but he still manages to get it everywhere, I believe he just sucks too much out and doesn't know what to do with it all. So we still let him have it every couple nights BEFORE bath time.

Speaking of bath he's completely out grown his tub, but I haven't found a new replacement I've liked... I want something to maybe use in our tub, but still secure because he is bigger than average and strong, and I don't want to have to try to keep him safe and secure while trying to get him scrubbed up at the same time... any suggestions!?!?! I pictured just buying a "bigger" baby tub because he was very secure in that before he out grew it :) ... but I haven't seen any ones bigger than one we already have.

Just a month ago, he really started babbling, but in the last two weeks it's gotten more frequent and LOUDER! he started with baba, and now its A BABABA AB AB AB, so I'm loving the consonant/vowel & vowel/consonant strings. We hear daa daa every once in awhlie but then its quickly followed by BABABA. it's so fun to watch him move his lips to make the sounds. I still say mamamama to him, and he just laughs :)

His other tricks include: sitting completely up, going from sitting up to on his belly, reaching as far as he can for toys and laughing a few different ways.

Another accomplishment worth mentioning is that he's SLEEPING in his own crib EVERY night now. It was time.... well you see we have a king bed so us three had plenty of room, but since he started be able to move more on his belly meant more space I had to section off for him and then there dennis & i were... and I like to sprawl. so it was time. Now it so much easier because I'm able to pick up our room before we go to bed because Clay isn't in our bed. And he's gotten use to waking up in his crib... the first few morning he would allow, the kind we usually do when we go back and forth doing it, so I knew he was looking for us :) Now he wakes up and starts babbling and squirming around and looking at the turtles and chicks on the bumpers..... we use the monitor too, its happened three times that Clay has tooted in his sleep and it's made both Dennis & I to wake up :) So we've all adjusted just fine :)

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