Wednesday, April 28, 2010

coming up...

in 2 DAYS...i will have the BiGGEST interview I have had yet (wish me luck)
in 3 DAYS...i will be looking at my soon-to-be new home (it's a duplex...excitement!)
in 10 DAYS...i will be walking across the stage at the University of Central Missouri
in 167 DAYS...i will turn the whoppin' 2-3!
in 174 DAYS...that's my due somewhere around then..i will be meeting my son for the first time...i'll be able to smell his little smell and i'll forever he'll have my heart

post coming soon = finding thoughts/feelings/announcements...and enter: mister dennis

first post

this girl has joined the blogging world and she's excited!

you will notice i don't capitalize much nor use proper grammar or punctuation. (gasp)

However, I plan to share stories, pictures, and lessons learned....share them with my viewers but ultimately have something to show my baby boy when the time is right. I'm scared I will forget something I don't want to this is my tool (Alzheimer's is one of my fears in life). I have baby books....scrap books....but don't stay up with them. Therefore I am going to try this! Wahoo! Wish me luck! PregO pics are coming....and ultrasound ones...Stay Tuned Yall!