Monday, August 23, 2010

31 weeks and 4 days!!!!


catchin' up!

so a few weird events have happened since my last post... i'll post more about them later in the week.. here's a run down of what i'll be telling you about!

-my encounter with wasps and spiders!

-a trip to Arbys

-Omaha trip

-the crib!!!

-birth announcements

that's all for now folks!

i'll be bloggin' sooooooon :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


writing my last post.. made me think of something, Negativity.

dennis and i happily tell everyone we know about the baby, due date, yada yada yada.
and something we agree on is some people are SOOOO negative about pregnancy.
when some people are so excited and are so happy OTHERS ask questions like,

"was it planned" to be honest that's none of your business, all you need to know is that we are expecting and if you are using the word "IT" for pregnancy you need to know that it's the most beautiful thing to experience and if you're using the word "IT" for the baby, well you are just a nimrod!

"are you ready" i just want to SCREAM. so think about it.... what if i said NO I'M NOT?!?!?!? the baby is STILL coming... so we don't have any other option but to be READY. so shush it

"late night crying and no sleep" i just wanna say big WHOOP! i don't think we will ever be the "perfect parents" but we are going to do our best. it's not like we are going to let the baby cry and sleep all day... get real LOL!

"babies cost alot of money" i just want to say o REALLY?!?! i had no idea... i just thought you walk into wal-mart and everything is FREE?!?! news flash.. we KNOW! lol. being pregnant costs alot of money. just plain living costs alot of money... that's why we cherish the money we earn! because for once in our lives.... its important how we spend it!

"are you guys going to get married?" this is the funniest question! when is having a baby a reason to get married?!?! when the time is right the right thing will happen... or that's what i believe. we are having the baby together and he will be raised by both parents... and thats all people need to know.

self timer..

since becoming pregnant... i'm always thinking, "o take a picture" i dont know why but almost every occasion or just a regular day i jump up and think o my gosh i have to take a picture... so i do enjoy the self timer on my camera! when dennis is at work, i have no other way but the timer.. and boy do i have fun. so many people look at pregnancy as a rough road or a scary thing. geeze i LOVE it. i love it.... i don't dislike anything!

the weight... i will lose it! i'm not going to focus on my pudge when i should be cherishing my baby boy once he's here. but i WILL say.... i will get my body back and i will have some tone in my arms LOL.. they have been flabby since high school! i think having a child and becoming a mama.... that's all the motivation i need to get in shape again. I want to live as long as i can and be happy with my body at the same time! can't wait!

heartburn.... so i had it before baby came along BUT now i get it eating cookies, spicy things, just about anything & even though i sucks when i wake up feeling like a dragon... i just rub my belly and think it's all worth it and more!

clothing... so i did stress in the beginning like o my gosh am i going to have to wear those frilly flowery tops?!?!?!?! i quickly found out NO. i'm pretty luck that only my belly and boobs and hips have changed! i wear many of my tanks i wore before baby, even though they are stretching with me... i just make sure they are long enough and i'm fine. jeans... well those got retired a month ago. i did have to buy some maternity pants. and i LOVE them. wearing pants and having to put a ponytail through the loop and the button is for THE BIRDS. seriously. maternity pants you can actually pull up and are so comfy.... geeze.

skin... my skin as changed as well. i had many breakouts in my early months...and of course i quit tanning. so i had to get used to my pale skin. I'm still trying to embrace it because it is healthier. i still love the sun and love when i get some sun!

energy... to be honest i didn't feel pregnant until i hit 6months. i did take a nap every once in awhile, but i was able to fully function in the mornings and stay up late. HOWEVER, this past month my energy level has lowered. I have to have a nap sometime during the day or i go to bed at like 8 and that doesn't work because then dennis and i would never be able to spend time together. i can't wait for the days to come when i don't have time for a nap. :)
for the closing i'll add some funny pics i've taken with the self timer! hope you have a good laugh :)
what is this we've got here!

ewww so serious!
not for long!

30 weeks and...

the nesting has started!
the crib should be arriving tomorrow... so yesterday i got the urge to start/finish the decorating, we couldn't decide any "art" for the walls... and i just couldn't spend 50 bucks on a turtle picture... so i went to Hobby Lobby. i love that place... always have! before i left for my adventure, I studied the bedding set and decided on three colors i would focus more on & i chose a pretty blue (back in the day my favorite crayon was Cerulean) and its pretty close to it, an orangey color, and a butter yellow!
i bought:
-1 pack of clothes pins
-3 different paint colors ( i took the dust ruffle from the bedding with me to the store)
-1 unfinished wood picture frame
-2 picture frames (they matched the color scheme so WELL)
-1 paint pen (to use on the frame i painted)
-2 rolls of yarn (2 different colors)

i already had paint brushes & pictures!
i'll let the pictures do the rest of the work!

the fun begins....

painting! not as tedious as i thought it would be!

almost done.... now DRY!
got the yarn up.... not sure if it's straight! lol
finished! can't wait to change out the pics & onesies!
on the dresser... pics of mama and daddy (LOL) and his nephews!
our "dry run" lol... it was more fun actually taking the pictures and posing... we have too much fun doing nothing! lol
i'll post more pics once i get the crib up and all comfy :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hmmm.... weird craving

okay... so my cravings have all been pretty normal this far.. but today i'm wanting some bread with butter and cottage cheese. this is very weird and i think my eating habits are almost back to regular....not sure what to think about this. well off to the store

one of those "aw" moments

so dennis... who is lovey behind closed doors surprised me with an idea the other day. i could tell he didnt know how to bring it up, but eventually he said that he wanted to do a belly cast. FIRST THOUGHT was kendra and hank.... yes the tv show, they did a cast on the show and it was a funny experience to watch. i could tell it was something he really wanted to do, and something i had never thought of. so i'm sure we'll be doing it soon.... not sure what we'll do with it afterwards.. but it'll sure be a fun experience. gosh i love him so much......okay no more lovey dovey stuff. promise!

drum roll!

FiRST real purchase for lil man!!! and we both agreed right away on it! there is a god!

we bought the 4 piece set which is the comforter, fitted sheet, bumpers, and dust ruffle.
i'm pretty sure he won't sleep in it a lot, but by golley it'll be all cute and ready for when he does!
we also bought the little hamper, like he's gonna be putting his dirty laundry in it? but i thought it was cute and can be used for toys later on.
we ordered the mobile and it'll all be set!
can you say nesting?