Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30 weeks and...

the nesting has started!
the crib should be arriving tomorrow... so yesterday i got the urge to start/finish the decorating, we couldn't decide any "art" for the walls... and i just couldn't spend 50 bucks on a turtle picture... so i went to Hobby Lobby. i love that place... always have! before i left for my adventure, I studied the bedding set and decided on three colors i would focus more on & i chose a pretty blue (back in the day my favorite crayon was Cerulean) and its pretty close to it, an orangey color, and a butter yellow!
i bought:
-1 pack of clothes pins
-3 different paint colors ( i took the dust ruffle from the bedding with me to the store)
-1 unfinished wood picture frame
-2 picture frames (they matched the color scheme so WELL)
-1 paint pen (to use on the frame i painted)
-2 rolls of yarn (2 different colors)

i already had paint brushes & pictures!
i'll let the pictures do the rest of the work!

the fun begins....

painting! not as tedious as i thought it would be!

almost done.... now DRY!
got the yarn up.... not sure if it's straight! lol
finished! can't wait to change out the pics & onesies!
on the dresser... pics of mama and daddy (LOL) and his nephews!
our "dry run" lol... it was more fun actually taking the pictures and posing... we have too much fun doing nothing! lol
i'll post more pics once i get the crib up and all comfy :)


  1. aw thank you girls! i'm not sure what has gotten into me... i was never a decorator before! lol