Wednesday, August 11, 2010


writing my last post.. made me think of something, Negativity.

dennis and i happily tell everyone we know about the baby, due date, yada yada yada.
and something we agree on is some people are SOOOO negative about pregnancy.
when some people are so excited and are so happy OTHERS ask questions like,

"was it planned" to be honest that's none of your business, all you need to know is that we are expecting and if you are using the word "IT" for pregnancy you need to know that it's the most beautiful thing to experience and if you're using the word "IT" for the baby, well you are just a nimrod!

"are you ready" i just want to SCREAM. so think about it.... what if i said NO I'M NOT?!?!?!? the baby is STILL coming... so we don't have any other option but to be READY. so shush it

"late night crying and no sleep" i just wanna say big WHOOP! i don't think we will ever be the "perfect parents" but we are going to do our best. it's not like we are going to let the baby cry and sleep all day... get real LOL!

"babies cost alot of money" i just want to say o REALLY?!?! i had no idea... i just thought you walk into wal-mart and everything is FREE?!?! news flash.. we KNOW! lol. being pregnant costs alot of money. just plain living costs alot of money... that's why we cherish the money we earn! because for once in our lives.... its important how we spend it!

"are you guys going to get married?" this is the funniest question! when is having a baby a reason to get married?!?! when the time is right the right thing will happen... or that's what i believe. we are having the baby together and he will be raised by both parents... and thats all people need to know.

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  1. Love the post, Audrey! I agree w/ it 100%!!!