Monday, November 29, 2010


happy monday, it sure is windy today!

these are PICS of my FAVORITE FAMILY MEMBER... of course I love all my family BUT i had to choose just one! and that someone is my grams... grandma jane to be exact. this is why i'm audrey jane :) me and my grams have a great relationship, i can talk to her about anything (probably things that most grandmas and granddaughters don't always discuss) and she always offers her opinion and advice, with no filters.. basically she keeps it real :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


i'm finally up-to-date now... sigh. hopefully this week won't be so busy :)

Here are two pics of some of my close friends! I couldn't find pictures with all of my close friends. SO i'll mention them now, other close friend include: miss sarahbeth, tabitha, & crystelle :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


this is a pic of ME! just a normal picture of me really... hair is straight (naturally curly FYI) & wearing a shirt from vickies.... you can't see the rest but i have some skinnies on and boots... my favorite outfits usually consist of those three items :)


this my friends is a pic of my FAVORITE movie... & i still have a little crush on ryan gosling.... goodness he's dreamy, even when he's scruffy :)


So here's a pic of just SOME of my FAMILY. i dont think i have one picture with ALL of my immediate family members... hmmm i'm thinkg christmas time would be a good time to do so! anyWHO this is a picture at my graduation this past May. under my gown i was 4 months pregnant getting more and more excited!


day nine's picture is suppose to be a baby picture... well i failed to grab one when i was home this weekend. So i won't be blessing your eyes today with a baby picture of me :( to be honest i was just a chubby baby with dark hair :)


day eight's picture is suppose to be of my favorite musician or band... well I have several favorites and I couldn't choose just one.. sorryyyyyyyyy

my favorites include: t.i., drake, rhianna, katy perry, sugarland, & josh xantus (as you can see i'm all over the place with music) :) i really can appreciate artists who's lyrics actually mean something... la de da :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


this is a pic of someone who i LOVE! it's my son, Clay! To be honest, he came into my life at the right time, if there is such a thing! i can't imagine my life without him and i am ever so thankful for him. being his mama is an honor and hearing him coo and aah, laugh in his sleep, and seeing his half-smile makes me love life so much more. He has made my life alittle different yet so much more meaningful. i have honestly never had so much fun in my life.... and i can't wait for what else is to come as he grows.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


so now instead of being behind, i'm ahead... i dont think i'm suppose to do this but i'm posting tomorrow's pic! we will be super busy with visiting and driving, so i thought i would post NOW :)

so this photo makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Let me tell you, finding out that I was pregnant with about 3 months left of school was hard and it took all motivation from school. This pic is during one of my last nights as a college student. I was up late (the hair was not combed that day lol) doing silly papers and really just wanted to google baby stuff, look at my stomach, and eat popsicles. Dennis snapped it.... also that orange tank was a trooper during my pregnancy. It was just so soft and long that I wore it as I got bigger and bigger....


this is a picture of just ME. It was last January and I was with a bunch of my girl-friends. They were talking about all my different "faces." What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my mood on my face :)
I was just super hyper... and they started snapping pics!


yes, i'm behind, BUT we've already started our holiday traveling! We are in Omaha, Nebraska! It's Clay 1st real trip! He fell asleep after only being in the car for 20 minutes and slept the whole way there! As soon as we pulled in Dennis' Dad's driveway, Clay was waking up, and was HUNGRY! I fed him and then he filled his pants :) so he's right at home :) ANYWHO back to the photo challenge!

It's suppose to be a picture of where I went on the LAST HOLIDAY, however Halloween was the last holiday, and we were just at home in KC chillin' with Clay in his pumpkin outfit. SO the picture I'm sharing is a picture of where I went on the last "family holiday." By that I mean a holiday that my family usually gets together for!

It was Vienna's Parade and the holiday was Labor Day (really it just happens that way, i dont think we'd get together if the fair and parade weren't going on then lol)! I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay, this picture makes me HAPPY. I may seem conceited, but I'm not. Lots of pictures make me happy, but for some reason when I read the description for today's pic, I thought of this shirt and the situation I was in when I was wearing this shirt! It was Valentine's Day, and we had just got home from such a fun night and I was hyper! I didn't want to take off my vickies shirt and my hair was outta control so I had to put it up high. Dennis took it.... and it took me forever to search and find this picture on my computer fyi!

UGH, I'm already behind!

I'm already slacking in the ever-so easy photo challenge I chose to start... so here I go again!


this is a picture of me a YEAR ago, almost to the date! It was one of Dennis' fraternity formals... i loved the sweater dress i wore. it was from Charlotte Russe, man I love that place. I will be shopping there soon, now that i'm back to normal!!! And I wore these black tall dressy boots.... aw memories. It was a lot of fun and I love when Dennis dresses up! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

photo challenge!

so i was browsing a blog, and journeyed to another blog, and eventually ventured way beyond that and i happened to stumble upon a cool idea for my blog! a 30 day photo challenge! it's where you follow a list of what type of picture to post for the day and tell alittle something-something about the pic....

i thought it would break up the monotony of my novels i tend to type on here!


this is my FACEBOOK profile picture. I actually just changed it today. anyWHO. this is me and my son.... I sure hope he loves my kisses as much as i like giving them to him :)

tomorrow he is 4 weeks old & it feels like he has forever been here!

(stay tuned for the next 29 days of pics & for a post about what i plan on taking on after i get cleared at my 6-week check-up)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

blog? what blog?

i've definitely neglected my blog lately... but i have some excuses as to why!

My son finally made his big debut! October 20th was the day! He has a pretty cool birthday 10/20/2010 :)
Bringing a little boy into this world was quite the experience and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Our days are spent playing, sleeping, and eating of course. He's a great baby and is now sleeping 5-6 hours at a time and only getting up once during the night. we are BLESSED. even if he got up every hour, we'd still love every minute! He loves tummy time (even though sometimes he just lays his head down and dozes) and taking baths too. :) Dennis and I have adjusted very well! He is quite the diaper changer, and he specializes in poopy diapers (okay he's going to kill me when he reads this :)) I had some ups and downs with my own health once we came home, however I am back to feeling good and energized! i can't wait to go to my own check-up and be cleared to start working out again. You guys are going to be surprised about what im about to embark on besides going back to work, being a mama & a girlfriend!!

My next few posts will be little reflections on my pregnancy and being the mama to clay conwell...... so stay tuned!