Thursday, November 18, 2010

UGH, I'm already behind!

I'm already slacking in the ever-so easy photo challenge I chose to start... so here I go again!


this is a picture of me a YEAR ago, almost to the date! It was one of Dennis' fraternity formals... i loved the sweater dress i wore. it was from Charlotte Russe, man I love that place. I will be shopping there soon, now that i'm back to normal!!! And I wore these black tall dressy boots.... aw memories. It was a lot of fun and I love when Dennis dresses up! :)


  1. You're back to normal?!?!? How old is your son?

  2. Yep, sure am! I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight BUT that # is not acceptable to ME. more to come on that later :) I still have this little pudge right below my belly button, not sure what it's doing or where it's going to go. But after my 6 week check-up I should be able to do something with "it" lol. and Clay will be 5 weeks on Wednesday. But eating the right things and breastfeeding are the two things that allowed me to get back to my normal :)