Tuesday, November 16, 2010

photo challenge!

so i was browsing a blog, and journeyed to another blog, and eventually ventured way beyond that and i happened to stumble upon a cool idea for my blog! a 30 day photo challenge! it's where you follow a list of what type of picture to post for the day and tell alittle something-something about the pic....

i thought it would break up the monotony of my novels i tend to type on here!


this is my FACEBOOK profile picture. I actually just changed it today. anyWHO. this is me and my son.... I sure hope he loves my kisses as much as i like giving them to him :)

tomorrow he is 4 weeks old & it feels like he has forever been here!

(stay tuned for the next 29 days of pics & for a post about what i plan on taking on after i get cleared at my 6-week check-up)


  1. Audrey he is getting cuter and cuter. I miss you guys. xoxoxoxo

  2. :) thank ya Sarah! I think he's gets cuter and smarter everyday, but that may just be me being me :) we'll see ya on turkey day!