Saturday, November 20, 2010


yes, i'm behind, BUT we've already started our holiday traveling! We are in Omaha, Nebraska! It's Clay 1st real trip! He fell asleep after only being in the car for 20 minutes and slept the whole way there! As soon as we pulled in Dennis' Dad's driveway, Clay was waking up, and was HUNGRY! I fed him and then he filled his pants :) so he's right at home :) ANYWHO back to the photo challenge!

It's suppose to be a picture of where I went on the LAST HOLIDAY, however Halloween was the last holiday, and we were just at home in KC chillin' with Clay in his pumpkin outfit. SO the picture I'm sharing is a picture of where I went on the last "family holiday." By that I mean a holiday that my family usually gets together for!

It was Vienna's Parade and the holiday was Labor Day (really it just happens that way, i dont think we'd get together if the fair and parade weren't going on then lol)! I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time :)

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