Monday, September 13, 2010

the room!

last week... I worked almost everyday in lil man's room or in the laundry room! got to use dreft for the first time... and BOY does it smell so precious! all of the clothes we have so far are all clean and folded and sorted and ready to go! we got the crib up awhile back... just hadn't taken an official pic of it yet! his room has been a process since the beginning... my main goal was to use all that we already have and make them work for the time being.... i felt there was no need to buy several items that I considered extra...
we already had a regular size dresser, white, in which we weren't using, given lil' man doesn't need this, however could still be used obviously
we also had a book shelf, white as well, that i saw had real potential, this too we weren't really putting any use to it because it didn't match anything but the white dresser LOL
so here's what I did and the process that i finally got through :)
all washed up.. just waiting to be worn!
vacant book shelf.....
lined it with yellow liner... notice the doll to the right... that's the doll my grams made for me... next to her is a bear dennis got me awhile back... not sure where they're gonna go when lil' man arrives.... i'm not so into dolls and babies, let alone baby boys LOL... we just haven't found a place for them yet!
finished shelf... i basically just put onesies... sleepers.... some matching outfits in there too... by size.... on top is a Build-a-Bear Dennis & I made for lil man this past week... named him Teddy Pain... or T-Pain :)

the crib... notice the pumpkin outfit hanging above... IF he comes on time...that'll be almost 2 weeks before Halloween. My stepmom and I found this little outfit with hat @ Old Navy and couldn't pass it up :)

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