Friday, September 10, 2010

Monday Moment!!!!!!

OKAY! this is going to be something new I do on Mondays... I'm calling it "Monday Moment"

I know Mondays aren't most people's favorite... so i thought I would share something on Mondays.... to help with the Monday dreads.... :)
Because I love photography (& anyone who can capture "the moment, i cant seem to get it!) and basically anything artsy..... I'm going to share a photo that caught my eye during the week or weekend... I typically visit but i may try to find other fun sites that appreciate photographer's work..& from time to time I may post a picture that the paparazzi has snapped of a celebrity like Either way I'm just going to share a picture that held my attention for more than 5 seconds.... :)

Since last night was the VMA's.... i'll share this with you!
I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan.... but I appreciated her acceptance speechs... I love when celebrities can show their emmotions and be humble when winning awards.... and also it's always interesting to see what this lady is going to wear... goodness!

Happy Monday yall!

p.s. i promise i won't be sharing pics like this every week...i'll keep it different from week to week :)

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