Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a trip to Arby's

So lately.... Arby's has been something that I could eat for every meal. I do love Arby's and did before lil boy was even a thought. anyWHO, Dennis gets home one evening, & I suggest we go to Arby's. He wasn't to sure about, since it was a little late for us oldies to be out and plus it was raining and lightening a tad. I convinced him because we have a rule we try to follow that only allows us to eat fast food once a 2 that night was going to be our spurlge!

We leave the apartment... he drove (of course) and we're driving down 350. it's a two lane highway....the speed limit is 55, but where 435 meets it... people drive FASTER bc they are used to driving 70. anyWHO, we driving like 50 mph because it was dark and the rain had just stopped and I'm like a nazi now when it comes to driving. We enter the city limits and it turns to 45MPH.... dennis slows alittle like usual and then a older Chevy truck passes us going FAST. so fast that it reminds me to put my seatbelt on! crazy? yes i am. I say something to Dennis like look at that truck driving fast... thats when the truck moves into the left lane our lane, which was fine bc it's a 2 lane highway... BUT then he decides to get over again. Let me mention this it's not a 3 lane highway... so he drove down the shoulder for a good while and I say something to Dennis like OMG this truck thinks the shoulder is a LANE!?!? He said... o wow that's weird... at this point the truck goes under an overpass and goes OFF of the road and up this embankment, FLIPS and then lands with it's back end in our LANE. this happened in a matter of minutes.... dennis pulls up and stops.... we sit there for almost 20 seconds... and I said I've got to call 911! I make the call..... tell the operator our location. In the meantime, another vehicle had stopped and that guy and Dennis walk up to the truck. I didn't look at the truck the entire time. I dont know why.... i just couldn't chance it. I remember things to WELL! As they were walking up... thats when I look at the damage. This poor man is hanging out of the passenger side. I said a quick prayer and sat there... tears in my eyes. I couldn't stop thinking that that is someones son, brother, husband, lover, friend.... I see the other man who had walked up there, turn the truck off while Dennis is kind of squatting saying something and doing something with his hands...... that's when the ambulance, fire dept, and various police cars arrive. The man and Dennis walk back to the car... I roll down my window and Dennis is just shaking his head... he noticed me about to cry and all he said was the guy could hear him when he was clapping his hands. The police access the damage and the ambulance and fire dept. do what they do with every wreck. An officer approached our car and took Dennis' statement about what happened. He took his contact information, and said in the same breath that we aren't going to call you or anything it's just that you witnessed the wreck. We were allowed to leave... and it was silent in the car. We pulled up to Arby's and all I wanted to do was throw-up. I know Dennis could hear my thoughts but made me go in and get a sandwich..... we nibbled on our food and didn't even really speak. We just sat in a booth, looking at each other face to face... both of us just shocked. I counted my blessings extra that night.....
the following week I searched and watched the news all that I could so I could hear if the man survived. I heard NOTHING. I'm assuming it was considered just another wreck... but it was a wreck we had actually witnessed and I'll never forget it!

two weeks later: Dennis received a Summons to court as a witness to the accident! So i'll keep you posted on this.... definitely something we'll both never forget!

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