Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Sundays ago...

I had my baby shower!!! My stepmom and 3 girls in my fam put it on for me! I've never had a real party for just me (besides highschool graduation) so it was a little strange feeling... knowing all the people there were there for me, dennis, and lil man! i could def feel the LOVE. we got everything from diapers, CLOTHES, toys, books, blankets, a tub, and MORE!! it was soooo good to see family members i don't normally see and my friends from home and my friends from warrensburg finally met! it was such a good day and i was sad when we had to come back to kc. it took awhile for my dad and dennis to pack the car! we had to leave the car seat and awhole bunch of stuff behind... BUT my dad made a trip up here that next thursday to bring the rest of the stuff up! Sunday when dennis and i got back to kc.... it was such a feeling... unloading the car and thinking about how much we are loved and so lucky to have such caring people around us!!! we re-read every card.... and looked at each and every item! it took awhile let me tell you! we got basically everything we wanted and needed..... and came home with leftover food and cake too!!! now i just have to add that special day into the baby book!!!!

the ONLY two things i'm getting this week are a diaper bag and thermometer! and that's it!
we settled on a name... so i'm thinking about doing a personalized bag!!! we'll see...... :)

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