Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 28th!

So... yesterday was just another day... little did i know that around 3 o'clock all my worries would be GONE! before I go on.... let me give you some background! these past 2 months I have been searching for a career path I can pursue once lil man is here, but start before he's here. And let me tell you, even though you are not suppose to be discriminated against when you are pregnant, well it happens and it has happened to me more times than one. It's an awful feeling, knowing you are qualified for a position BUT since you won't be able to consistently work for the next few weeks because of maternity leave, you aren't even considered. It has been a HUMBLING experience and everyday it was very hard to NOT be bitter about it. HOWEVER.... 2 weeks ago, I interviewed at a bank located in Kansas only 14 minutes away. I never heard anything back... So i completely gave UP on them in my mind.

BUT, yesterday Mr. Bank (I'm not going to use his real name LOL) called, I answered & then sat down. I was completely ready for him to start out by saying how qualified I was and BLAH BLAH and then hear the HOWEVER we have decided to pursue a different candidate for the position.... BUT by GOLLY....... HE OFFERED ME THE POSITION! I wanted to do a backFLIP. I accepted OF COURSE. We chatted for awhile and then talked about the training aspect of the position. This is where he said he was completely confident in hiring me and excited for me to join the staff. We talked dates and I'll be starting in DECEMBER and will be earning more than my previous job! He even said to call him once I have the baby!!
This means 5 THINGS:
no more job searchin' for this mama
I know where I'll be working
I know when I'll be working
I know how much I'll be making
I know where to look for a sitter

I thanked GOD immediately after getting off the phone & then called my DAD. He was so surprised! My dad doesn't say much when it comes to important things... and all he said was WOW, I'm proud of you Aud. i CRIED! LOL. He then went on to say... now you're really going to be shopping for a new car! yes, indeed I will be! I then called Dennis (not even thinking what time it was), well he was in class and when he saw me calling he THOUGHT i was in labor. I had to calm him down and then tell him the good news too! He ended up coming home early from class and took me to dinner! LOL

all in all.... this means I will truly get to cherish each and every day once lil' man is here. I'm not saying I wouldn't have if I hadn't got the job but I know it would have been in the back of my mind...... and NOW no worries for me. Believe me, I thanked god 5 times extra yesterday for seeing me through this little journey!
So that's my GOOD NEWS and HOPEFULLY my next GOOD NEWS post will be once lil' man ARRIVEs....or if i win the lottery (prolly not though bc i don't even play) :)