Thursday, October 7, 2010

Late Update...

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Geeze this week has flown by!
I was feelin' rough for most of this week... nothin' in particular, just energy levels all outta wack!
Good thing we got the baby's room ready when we did!

This week we decided on the Pediatrician! So i checked that completely off my list and added all the contact info to my hospital folder :)

Lil' Man's bag is officially packed! We packed a few little outfits, some different size onesies, a hat, socks, and his Jordan booties! It was a really fun thing to actually do.... Dennis and I really liked folding his little things and putting them in his bag...... one of many moments I'll never forget :)

The diaper bag was a real ISSUE for.... we finally got one in time to pack!

Here's what we chose!!!
This past Tuesday I was 38 weeks!!!! I go for my appointment tomorrow! I really look forward to Fridays & Dennis does too! Every appointment is exciting... because we get to hear the heart beat, i get weighed (i'm used to it now :)), and the past 2 appointments I have begun to get checked to see how things are progressing, tomorrow and the next 2 (if i make it that long :)) will be the same as well :)

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