Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaack :)

as I promised an eternity AGO... i was gonna share some things that had happened to me lately....
I'll start with the wasps and spiders! UGH

So i DiSLiKE most or all bugs.... i can tolerate butterflies but that's all!
anyWHO, at our apartment, our lovely walk-out patio has pretty bushes and such to have privacy and I guess they serve as something pretty to look at. Upon moving in.... the apartment management sprayed for bugs inside and out. We have found a few dead SPiDERS on the patio here and there....
So one day, while Dennis was at work, I decided I was going to clean up the patio (sweep, organize our items like the grill, solar light, chairs, and other items) AND i was going to clean up the bushes.... it seems like leaves and web things get in them and it grosses me out! So I spent almost an hour out there working, raking, sweeping, and I finished it off by spraying this crazy powerful spray Dennis had bought around the patio and around the bushes ( i did hold my nose and went inside following so I wouldn't breath those chemicals in)! It felt so good to show him what I had accomplished, and it made me feel more comfortable being out there since there was no where for pesky bugs to hide!

The next morning, I open the blind things on the patio doors... and SEE 3 curled up spiders! I screamed... just because it grossed me out but because I was thinking... o yea go ME! Dennis comes in the living room to see what was wrong and I tell him to look out there!! He was like Wow.... good job! lol. We eat breakfast..... and then I decide I'm going to dispose of these potential intruders...and go out and there's only 2 spiders.... I'm assuming one was sleeping?!?! (I don't know why it was curled up and still alive... so i have no idea where it went) It kind of freaked me out... but as I'm outside and Dennis is inside on the other side of the closed patio door... I'm just being silly and sweeping and showing him more in depth what I had did the day before. I happen to look up at the light fixture AND there's 4 red wasps swarming around.... OKAY i freak because I've only been stung once by one and I swelled up like a balloon! I look at Dennis and he looks up and say HOLY SH*T get in here....I drop the broom and almost run through the glass door because he couldn't open it fast enough. It was funny after I was inside and safe.... so he went out there while they were still out there and killed them with the spray... it was just one of the moments... you just had to be there! and we laughed and laughed about it afterwards.... because I went from being silly, to SCARED, to almost running through the closed door, to laughing..... it doesn't take much to get laugh out of us! :)

So i survived... and the bugs didn't :) me 1 bugs 0

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