Sunday, May 2, 2010

growing belly stomach is taking SHAPE. This week was a BIG week and by that I tummy has grown and now it's more apparent I'm having a baby!! I'm excited because i don't look look like I have a gut in my mid-section anymore. I am almost at 16 weeks! I've been reading...and now is when I may start to feel the baby move....and I'm hoping he's an active one! He can kick all he wants....i'm ready! HOWEVER, i'm in a panick...i bought an outfit for graduation: it consists of a beautiful white pencil skirt...(what was I thinking)...a frilly black and white top and TO.DIE for black heels. So the skirt fit me two weeks ago....i haven't tried it on since. But...either way if it fits or not on Saturday...I know i'll have a skirt to wear whenever my bod fits in it!

this past weekend...i had an interview & me and mister dennis went apartment hunting..think we found the one!

we also visited Babys R Us.....o MY fave store.

more to come later in the week...i have graduation

extra: i used to be able to eat just half of a totino's i'm at eating the ENTIRE thing :) also my backside (okay i'll just say BUTT) is also reaping the benefits of having a baby. I have a little extra back there and love it! I have been buttless and just plain boney for 22 years...about TIME. thanks to my baby boy for that!

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