Thursday, May 13, 2010

17 week appointment & first day!

my appointment went great! i have gained a total of 7.5 pounds!!!!! it feels like 20! in 3 weeks i'll have my 20 week appointment. this visit will be a very busy one. we'll first have the 2nd sonogram. we get to record it on a dvd! i canNOT wait! ugh!!! i'll also have my normal check-up with my doctor. she's sweet and funny! the same day i'll also be having a quad screening test. they basically take your blood and screen for 4 substances. getting stuck by a needle isn't my favorite thing in the world's for my babyboy. so i'll do it....once...and a million times more! for the past two visits....the doctor always checks the baby's heartbeat. i tear up everytime i hear it! UGH. it's so beautiful to hear his little heart beat loud and clear. life is such a beautiful thing and i will never forget that sound. mister dennis is going to record the heartbeat next time...i'll be sharing!

my first day went GREAT too. i was a little tired to begin with....having just went to the appointment but i perked up in time! the day consisted of normal first days on a job stuff...paperwork, videos, handbooks, policies, and the other employees! i really like the people i have met so far! the majority of the women who work there are mamas!!! and pretty and stylish ones at that!!! one whom i haven't met is actually due 10 days before i am! can't wait to meet her! i bought a few things after my training was over....i enjoy the DiSCOUNT. i don't plan on buying too many things...especially shirts..i have plenty of shirts i can fit into now...but jeans...i had to buy some and prolly will have to buy a few more.

here's what i bought:

some Stella skinnies! love them!
a shirt similar to this...but with more colors!
it's so soft and the sleeve don't cut into my armpits! lol

this dark gray one is a longer tee...which is gonna fit me for awhile longer than some of my others :)

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