Thursday, May 13, 2010


SO i haven't been the best "eater"...i would't classify myself as a picky one either...but i do have favorites and i do eat those ALOT. i have always loved pickles...all kinds...and the juice. that's nothing new! i like basic foods like

-salad (ranch or italian dressing) just lettuce no cheese, no veggies

-meat (burgers, steak, and some fish) usually with bbq sauce or ketchup and mustard

-fruit (i have eaten fruit for many meals) peaches, pears, apples, grapes, WATERMELON, strawberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe. i should take a picture of my fridge right now...there's prolly 5 of these in there now. :)

-potatoes (fries, baked, soup) for my 2 "sides" i usually get fries and a baked potato :)

-veggies (green beans and corn) NO PEAS for me. blugh!

so when i would menu and mister dennis' menu would usually be pretty basic (a meat of some kind, potato in there somewhere, and either a fruit or veggie or both sometimes. i LOVE having a little side salad with my meals too....

in my may see that BREAKFAST food was missing...dingding. i never used to EAT breakfast...never was hungry and eating in the morning would make me feel sick! NOW i go to bed thinking about BREAKFAST. :)

this pregnancy has ADDED so many foods and mixtures...i don't know if i'll ever be the same!

boy o boy! all i am going to do is list my cravings...

1. fish sticks and mayonnaise (and not a generous amount of mayo on each..i mean dripping with it...makes me sick to think of eating this now...but this was very early on...when my body was trying to tell me something) maybe to GAIN some weight

2. PIZZA (any kind) alot of it!

3. Pancakes/Waffles (have had these for all three meals)

4. Spicy food (Chinese and beef jerkey)

5. MORE pickles....but mixing bread-n-butter and dill together YUM

6. Chips and salsa

7. MORE fruit (mostly strawberries and watermelon)

8. popsicles.....goodness...those boxes of 100 ain't nothing!

9. juices (apple, ORANGE, grape)

these are all i can think of right now... and now i'm hungry! some were already my favorites...which i'm glad! i'll never forget the times...mister dennis would make runs to wal-mart to get fruit or wendy's chili LOL :)

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