Friday, July 2, 2010

it's been awhile since i've posted! so i'll update yall NOW.
my new job! OMG i freakin' love it! i never thought i would love working so much, i mean i love money, in return i have always liked to work BUT i could seriously work everyday all @ Delia's.

i'm the ces, which basically is the person below the asst. manager and above all the fashion reps and associates. i love it! i fit it really well too. most of the girls are teens and are so curious about my pregnancy. we definitely never run out of conversation. my days consists of managing time to ensure every customer is given the same attention from the on duty reps and associates, paperwork, checking sales figures, and being like the host of the party running around the store to make sure everyone is having a great experience in the store. ces stands for customer experience specialist! i definitely feel like i belong there and i'm so thankful they offered me the postion!

so my belly.....OMG. it has "popped" the past 4 weeks (i'm 6months 4 days TODAY) my stomach and lil man has GROWN! i love it.... my feet have almost disappeared until i bend over alittle...and putting on SHOES is the hardest thing for me to do. i now know how it feels to not be able to put your own shoes on. i have had many elderly people in my life, where i have put their shoes on for them..... and now it's me in that spot...and dennis putting them on for me. lil man is VERY low and my placenta is to the back.... so i feel everything and bending over does not feel pleasant. dennis LOVES (sarcasm) when i wear my gladiators... bc theres like 5 buckles on each shoe.... i appreciate it every morning.... has my foot is on his shoulder and he trying to buckle the right strap to the right spot. he does love when i wear my chucks... those are easy. i always tell him it's good practice for lil man BC i even struggle with little kid shoes... and always afraid im might bend their little toesies!

i get my first BIG, full time, paycheck NEXT friday... and already have plans on spending some of it!
- spray on
-highlights, trim
-picture frames
-king size sheets, comforter, pillow cases
-swimming suit

can u tell my priorities are in line?!?! lol. well i have the next two months bills paid up so i'm treating myself..... i haven't had a trim or highlights SINCE march. can you say ROOTS?!?!?!?

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