Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BOY what's your name?!?!?

we have started picking names! what fun it is explaining names to each other. lol
i typically like short, unique names where as dennis is all over! he likes some short ones then other 5 syllable names. dennis is a "jr. however, we are not going to be naming the baby dennis earl hopgood III. we are going to try to incorporate both of our family's into little boy's name. i thought we should do a name that begins with a "d" and dennis was all for that. so that narrows the search so far! im taking any and all suggestions. the first name will be UNIQUE and the middle name will be a family name. call me ole' fashioned but i was too stubborn to change my opinion on that lol. we plan to have two solid names going into it and when our precious baby boy enters our world.... will know which name he'll be by looking at him. ah.....can't wait to just see him and feel him. right now all i feel is his knees and feet and head! sometimes hurting but i manage :) i also know once we have decided on the few names...im not telling a SOUL. i want it to be a surprise and not be influenced by people's early opinions. im vey indecisive.....and dennis knows right away if he likes something... so this is going to be fun lemme tell ya!

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