Tuesday, June 8, 2010


address - from Warrensburg to Kansas City
it was a pretty "easy" move if there is such a thing. my dad and stepmom came to help. dennis and i packed all of our belongings and we headed down the highway. the only thing that didn't make the move... was one of my lava lamps. me dad "dropped" it.... no tears were shed, but i know the lava lamps remind him of my still-to-this-day HiPPiE mom. lol. but i was fine with it... the other two survived :) Sheila(stepmom) pretty much bought all of Target's kitchen supplies which helped out ALOT. because i threw away most of our utensils, pots, pans, and toaster before moving. they were worn out and needed updating! i thank god for my dad and stepmom. they are the only TWO people i have always had CONSiSTENTLY. they hear me at my worst and they see me at my best. I think thats why us 3 get along so well. they both think im too wild and too open and too spontaneous....BUT they have accepted it....slowly :)

living arrangements - from two roomies to one loverrrrrrr lol
i was living with another couple and it was RiDiCULOUS. i would need a whole diff post to explain my roommates but that's on another day...i do have some interesting stories :)
anyWHO NOW it's just me and dennis...and little boy of course. we have a gigantic living room, smaller kitchen, two big bedrooms, a full bathroom, and another bathroom with a stand-up shower and all the rest. we also have a nice little patio! we are in HEAVEN. to say the least.

jobs - from sales @ the Buckle to Management at Delias
the Buckle is NOT for ME. i am an honest person. and I cant handle the pressure of selling things for just the mere fact of selling the dang clothes. If i like the jeans on you and your butt i will TELL you, if i DONT like it I will tell you i DONT and find a different pair that do :) i have nothing against the buckle or anyone who has or still does work though, however it's just not for me. I love genuinely helping people and i couldn't do that there. SO i applied at Delias. I have always wore their clothing, gotten their catalog, and loved the store atmosphere. I was called for an interview that next day after turning in my application, and a week later i was OFFERED a management position! i thank god!!! so for those people who say they can't find a job. i will turn my back when you start rambling because within two weeks of turning in 8 applications. I was offered two different positions and called for interviews....HOWEVER i don't have to go to them now because my 1st pick called me! so fill out applications (yes they suck) and look good when you turn them in. dont just turn them in and run out the store! SELL yourself :)

my belly - semi beer gut looking- to BABY BUMP hallelujah!
my belly has finally taken shape. no more weird stares.... i know i do it too. at one point in most pregnancies i think there's a time where the belly region could go either way... just a little gut or prego-belly. and mine has taken full effect since my 19th week :)

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