Friday, July 2, 2010

dennis turn 22!

so.... dennis' birthday was June 27. beginning in may.... i started thinking about ways i could surprise him. i did this because we are always planning things to do... which is fun bc we do things... but theres never any surprises. so that brings me to airplanes! has in the post about nursery themes... dennis loves aviation, planes, all that good stuff. so i found an airshow that was taking place on his birthday weekend, bought the tickets, and booked a hotel room. we took out in the middle of the night on friday.... and saturday arrived in Davenport, IA. it was a 6 hour drive... and he had lots of questions.... i dont think he has ever been in a situation with no control at all. when he saw we were going to be staying in a city that was kind of country... he guessed in was taking him to a monster truck show! it was so funny to hear his guesses.... so we got into our room and slept for like 4 hours, and then we had to get up and head to the airshow, he had no idea was happening. as SOON as we walk out of the hotel, i say it is SUCH a beautiful day.... bc it was... sun was shinging and the sky was blue. he responds, YOU'RE taking me TO AN AiRSHOW. i couldnt keep a i said yes. he was so excited! he couldnt believe i actually pulled it off.... in fact i couldnt either. anyWHO we had a great weekend... and here are some pics to prove! :)

hmmm....what do you have planned??!!

biggest smile ever!

& the show begins... and he's already out of his seat!

WORN OUT... i was anyways... lol

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